Any exterior upgrades or modifications to structures or fences are required to be reviewed by the Architectural Committee before commencing with work. The architectural submission can be downloaded, completed and either emailed or mailed via USPS to Above and Beyond Community Management at the address listed on the form.

Click here to download the architectural submission form

A few guidelines:

  • Fences shall be 4' tall maximum.
  • A single section of screening 6' tall and no more than 12' long may be installed directly adjacent to a patio. (Within 12" of the concrete patio).
  • Sheds of any type are not permitted in the covenants.
  • You can not build any fence on common grounds.
  • Easements are for utiltiy access and if you build a fence on one, you risk losing it when the utility needs access. They have the right to knock it down without your permission.

Need a problem Solved?

Neighbor not mowing or noisy dogs? Huntertown needs to know — call 637-5058.

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