Q:  How can I help out or join the board?
A:  Contact any board member and ask when the next board meeting is to come and learn what tasks are needed.  Board member elections are in October each year, however volunteers are always welcome to step forward.

Q:  I am a realtor buying/selling a home in the neighborhood and need a dues letter for closing.  Who do I contact?
A:  Please email the treasurer or send a letter to the PO Box. at least 2 weeks before the closing date.  We are a volunteer board and have our own day jobs, families, soccer games, and school events to attend to.  It is not possible to respond to a request for letter with less than 24 hours to respond.  Please give as much advance warning as possible.  Include the lot number, seller info, buyer info, date of closing, and where to send the letter.

Q:  What can you do about my neighbor's lawn that needs mowed?
A:  Nothing.  The town of Huntertown has a weed ordinance and only they can enforce it.  You can call the town hall to discuss the issue with them.  They will visit and if applicable, discuss with the owner or ticket the properly for a violation.

Q:  Why do the ponds have weeds/algae in them and why dont you kill it?
A:  We contract with a pond maintenance contractor to treat the ponds to control algae growth, however it is not possible to prevent ALL plant growth.  Some species are resistance to the herbicides that are safe to use in ponds, and the shallow area's of the ponds will always grow easily due to sunlight that easily penetrates the water.  The best thing that we can all do is to limit the use of lawn fertilizer with phosphorus as this feeds the algae in our ponds as it runs off the lawn into the ponds.

Q:  Do I need architectural approval for my landscaping/fence/addition?
A:  If the structure will be taller than 3 feet, please submit for approval.  Note that fences can not be taller than 4 feet.  We do not need to review landscaping plans with plants, just structures.   Please allow 30 days for review of your submission.

Q:  Who plows our streets?
A:  The association does not plow streets, but is done by the town.

Q:  My neighbor is doing something that I dont like and I need help.  What should I do?
A:  The association board is charged with very few tasks by the by-laws.  Maintain the common grounds and maintain architectural control on the lots.  We can not resolve neighbor disputes, but encourage you to have a peaceful conversation and work through the issue.

Q:  I dont use the pool, therefore dont think I should pay dues.
A:  The covenants state that all homeowner's are required to pay dues upon purchasing a home in the neighborhood.  ALL homeowner's pay dues to maintian all of the common grounds that includes the pool, ponds, grass areas, street lights, and signs.

Need a problem Solved?

Neighbor not mowing or noisy dogs? Huntertown needs to know — call 637-5058.

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